I’m a Digital Communications Strategist with almost a decade’s worth of experience building fiercely loyal communities for inspiring brands. Learn how I can help you build and activate key audiences, win loyal fans, and achieve your business goals.

  • Jason Prohaska, Managing Director at MediaMonks NY

    I had the pleasure of collaborating with Lucy while developing and co-launching the framework for MediaMonks thought leadership efforts in 2017. Lucy brings a profound passion for inciting excitement, organization, statistics, logic, humility, smarts and a clear strategic vision that leverages all of our network of talent and their POVs with the goal of getting our ideas out into the world. Creatively, operationally and strategically Lucy is a consummate professional, she brings joy, humor, creativity, strategic prowess and delight to every conversation and mission with the goal of emerging with focus, and clear objectives that are immediately actionable. Lucy is an absolute delight to collaborate with and any organization she chooses to help evolve will surely do so successfully with a lasting foundation for success thanks to her efforts and energy!

    Jason Prohaska, Managing Director at MediaMonks NY
  • Rachel Wallace, ZDHC Programme Manager

    Lucy’s role involved setting up a communications department, mapping an engagement plan and putting this into action, as well as delivering quality communication products across a range of media. She demonstrated strong initiative in undertaking all these tasks and was a great team player in working towards these goals. Her energy and enthusiasm were an inspiration!

    Rachel Wallace, ZDHC Programme Manager
  • Nik Penhale Smith, Head of Marketing & PR at MediaMonks

    Lucy is clever, charming and driven, with a talent for writing great thought pieces on a variety of topics. Her extensive knowledge of communications and PR, and her go-getting attitude make for a great mix. Lucy’s work on helping to create, develop and execute our thought leadership strategy has also been of enormous value to MediaMonks and the team.

    Nik Penhale Smith, Head of Marketing & PR at MediaMonks
  • Frank Michel, ZDHC Executive Director

    Lucy worked for me in the ZDHC Communication Department for more than one year.  Lucy is a great ambitious Comm’s person – innovative, strategic and very goal oriented. Lucy demonstrated from early in her tenure that she understood what the challenge in our organisation was about. In her role, she was very well organised. I suppose doing well is easy if you are, as she is – efficient by nature. In closing, let me say Lucy is a very inspiring person that is an asset for any organisation.

    Frank Michel, ZDHC Executive Director
  • Gemma Rasmussen, Head of Media at Fluro Magazine

    ‘Lucy was fantastic to work with. She was driven, positive, and helped grow Fluro’s advertising base at an exponential rate. As a writer, she was witty, eloquent and well received by our readers. I would wholeheartedly recommend Lucy to any future employers.’

    Gemma Rasmussen, Head of Media at Fluro Magazine
  • Floor Bijkersma, Senior Freelance Designer

    ‘Together with Lucy I worked on a lot of publications and visual communications projects for ZDHC. She is quick and clear when it comes to feedback or commenting on visual work. She swiftly has a number of relevant ideas ready to implement or add to the project. Her way of communicating is transparent and knowledgable and when it comes to design, she clearly knows what she’s talking about. For a designer like me, that’s very refreshing, there’s not a lot of noise or establishing obvious things, we can directly get to the point. In short, working with Lucy has been a very pleasant experience for me!’

    Floor Bijkersma, Senior Freelance Designer
  • Ken Banks, Founder of FrontlineSMS and Means of Exchange

    ‘Lucy is a wonderfully creative and dynamic individual, and this shows in abundance in the quality of her work. She’s forward-thinking, not afraid to take risks, and keeps abreast of digital trends in communications. I’ve thoroughly enjoyed working with her, and would not hesitate to recommend her to others’

    Ken Banks, Founder of FrontlineSMS and Means of Exchange
  • Fiona Thompson, Director, Making All Voices Count

    ‘Lucy was really appreciated for the energy and passion she brought to Making All Voices Count. Her expertise was highly valued by her colleagues and will serve her well in her future roles. Both of these factors are evidenced by the increased skill set she has developed in colleagues who aren’t comms specialists. You’ll be missed Lucy!’

    Fiona Thompson, Director, Making All Voices Count
  • Nicoline van de Torre, Senior Communications Advisor, Making All Voices Count

    ‘I’ve worked closely together with Lucy for two years, for a very complex global governance programme. She managed to develop a digital strategy for the programme – including setting up all communications channels, and think strategically about how to use them. But this was just a part of the job, in addition she is a great ‘story teller’, always finding the perfect (human) angle and making it personal. She is creative, very hands on, smart, a hard worker, a very good strategist, a good eye for detail, and fun to wok with.’

    Nicoline van de Torre, Senior Communications Advisor, Making All Voices Count