Facilitation: Circle Economy – Reformation Challenge

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During Circle Economy’s Annual Sustainable Fashion Event, Beyond Green, I was invited to moderate a session on how we could optimise a “re-use” circle economy model and embed it within fashion brand, Reformation.

Comprising students, designers, and industry representatives, we began by mapping the target audience of the brand, their wants and needs, and getting crystal clear as a group on the objectives, limitations, and the challenge set by Reformation.

It’s always a joy to engage with people as they brainstorm and think of wild ideas to solve real-world problems. Facilitating the flow of ideas, and navigating this into an ordered and engaging storyline proved successful.

Together, we came up with a solution that involved a social media influencer-activation campaign, followed by a series of “real world” events, and a peer-to-peer online platform.

This was a tailor-made solution with clear benefits for their audience, and a strong added value for their reputation management, and USP as a brand.

To our delight, we received recognition as a winner by the panel’s three judges, due to our clear analysis breakdown and explanation of strategic thinking – without taking ourselves tooo seriously, I’m super proud! Go team!