Top Influencers Lead Dutch Teens Through Golden Age

Rijksmuseum launches new mobile app: Rijks SnapGuide

Rijksmuseum, The Netherlands leading art and history institution, has launched an innovative new way to bring 17th century art to life for the 300,000 young people under 19 who visit Rijksmuseum each year.

Building on the popularity of Instagram, YouTube and Snapchat and featuring six of the Netherlands’ most popular influencers, the newly-launched mobile website Rijks SnapGuide offer students an interactive and digital-first tour through the Rijksmuseum’s prestigious collection.

“The world of teenagers revolves around social media, so we wanted to find a new way to engage them, and let them discover the meaning and history of the works through these tools,” says Annemies Broekgaarden, Head of Education, Rijksmuseum. The Rijksmuseum aims to have every young Dutch person see Rembrandt’s The Night Watch at least once.

The choice of influencers includes YouTubers Mertabi (370K followers), Defano Holwijn (240K followers), Jiami Jongejan (200K followers); singer Ronnie Flex (400K followers); blogger Teske de Schepper (325K followers) with Rijksmuseum educator Valentijn Rambonnet also leading a tour.

Rijks 3

Each guide looks at different artworks that suit their own interests. Rembrandt’s Night Watch and Vermeer’s Milkmaid come to life when influencer Jiami examines fashion and lifestyle in the Golden Age, while Mertabi gives his view on power and wealth. Singer Ronnie Flex takes a different approach by tracing his Surinamese and Moluccan ancestry through the Golden Age.

The Rijks SnapGuide tour also calls on young people to act as co-creators of content alongside the influencers. Throughout each journey, users are prompted to complete a series of short video challenges which can be saved and discussed in class, sent to their teacher, or shared online with friends.    

“It’s fun to see what happens when teenagers are given the role of the creator. With SnapGuide, they’re able to develop their own stories and because they’re being led by their favourite stars, you see their level of engagement go up. It’s inspiring to see what they come up with.” says Omar Kbiri, Co-Founder, Maak.

SnapGuide was conceived by creative agency Maak and developed in partnership with digital production partner MediaMonks.

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